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A Day in the Life of a Fostering Agency

A Day in the Life of A fostering Agency

With the pandemic at large its given people the chance to think about their communities and to re-evaluate their lives. People are moving to the countryside, from the towns and working more from home. We have had an influx of ordinary people who have thought about fostering a child or sibling group.

There are 56,160 children living in foster families, (2019) with 44,450 foster families in England. You might ask if foster carers are needed. The answer is a resounding yes.

This week I have placed three sibling groups of children, and one single placement and another sibling group with our carers. There have been lots that I cannot place, as we don’t have the carers. Several teenagers that need a home, several young sibling groups of two or three and a parent along with her four children.

Had 45 referrals in one day of young people looking to be placed in a nice clean home, where they have their own bedroom, food in the cupboard and a routine set by the carers. All this serves to ensure that our young people feel safe. I like placing sibling groups as its great to keep young people together so that they share the same history.

I once had brand new carers, who had been approved that week. I was on leave but had a call from the placement team to ask how we might place 5 children together. Suffice to say, we ordered more beds!

Foster carers can only be approved for up to three placements, or they would be considered to be a children’s home if there are more than three. However, if there is one sibling group of one family, they count as one group and there can be however many children placed, that a carer has the room and support to be able to take.

So, this new set of carers who were approved for three placements, ended up with five children, with beds being delivered to them as the children were coming in the door. It was very exciting for the team to have five children placed together. We were able to keep them with the carers, who hired a car to take them all to school.

So if you want to keep siblings together and would like to foster siblings then we have a need for carers who have large homes who can take sibling groups. Subject to risk assessments, and age/gender, siblings are able to share rooms.

So even if you have one large bedroom you might be approved to take two siblings.

So if you want to do something really worthwhile and make that difference to your community, why not work from home and become a foster carer. What are you waiting for!





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