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A huge thank you to our Wessex carers

Yesterday the Wessex office hosted a picnic for their foster carers and young people to celebrate Foster Care Fortnight.

There was lots of fun and laughter with ball games in the courtyard, hot dogs and of course lots of cake!


There was also an awards ceremony to celebrate our carers and young people, reasons for nomination included:

“he is kind, helpful and funny…”

“he is a fantastic young man with many lovely qualities….. he is an all round brilliant person”

“her determination to do well in whatever she puts her heart into”

“for taking part in IMC mountain training in Scotland, climbing 3 mountains, learning ice skills and making new friends and connections”

“for making his way through selection for … negotiating interviews, giving speeches, speaking in assemblies and a question and answer panel”

“they have been there for me since the day I walked through the door. I am very grateful for having them as parents as we do things all day everyday”

“they are kind, thoughtful and brilliant carers”

“she is the best… and she cares for everyone and also puts other before herself”

“she is the best… and first class carer who goes the extra mile for all the children…”

“she does the best roast lamb I have ever had.., and works non-stop all day making tea from the moment I wake up”

“she is an excellent foster carer”

“she provides excellent care …with much love and understanding and brings a great sense of humour”

“they are excellent carers who not only look after their own young people but also are willing to do respite care and in many ways have gone the extra mile”

“she is the best “Nanny” to all children she comes across (and her roasts are legendary”

“without their help and support fostering would be half the fun it is. They also just ‘quietly’ get on with things and have achieved so many great awards this year – so proud..”

“He is so funny and makes me laugh. He has really grown up this last year and I’m so proud of the achievements with the Cadets”

We had such a wonderful afternoon, thank you to everyone that attended and we will be sharing your Foster Care Fortnight placeard photos over the next few days.

#FCF2018 #proudtofoster #proudtosupportfostering


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