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Art and drawing provides rewarding development for foster family

Art and drawing provides rewarding development for foster family

One of our #FosterCarers has shared some images drawn by two young brothers in her care.⁠

Here is the first one and the more information from their #FosterCarer, we will be sharing more images over the next few weeks. Many thanks to S and D for sharing their fantastic drawings!⁠

“S is 11yrs old and has spent a lot of his young life playing games consoles or at the park.⁠
He has struggled to occupy himself if he hasn’t got his laptop or PS4.⁠
We’ve introduced S to simple things like reading, board games and drawing/doodling/colouring which he is really engaging with. ⁠
Drawing is something that he has a real passion for and he enjoys experimenting with different styles of art with his new artists set that we bought him for his birthday.⁠
His brother has followed suit and also enjoys spending time drawing and colouring and says that he wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up. ⁠
As a foster carer it’s rewarding to see these children learning new skills and enjoying them, both boys love to share their drawings with us and proudly display them in the lounge or their rooms.”⁠

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