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Autistic Spectrum Disorders Training

We recently ran this training in our Tavistock office. Here is the feedback from one of our team who joined our carers on this training.

“The training was excellent and I learned more in three hours than I did on a previous course that was for 2 days.

It was accessible to people with different levels of understanding, both personally and Professionally.

The facilitator gave, at times, a light hearted, but also a compassionate insight into the day to day challenges people on the spectrum face, and those  close to them.

There was an excellent comparison between ASD behaviours and Attachment behaviours, providing some clarity where I had always wondered how to distinguish between the two.

I came away with a far better understanding of how many people are affected, how it affects them, and how to support them.

The most fascinating learning for me, was how it impacts on the development of one`s identity, which is so relevant to fostering.”

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