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Being Left handed – a blessing or a curse?

The 13th August is International Left Handed Day and throughout history many left-handed children have been persecuted for it, been called “sinister” and other names and forced into changing their habits.

One of our Senior Social Workers, Martine, told us her story.

“I’m the only left handed one in my family so have got used to being called ‘cack-handed’ and have used it to my advantage. As a child it got me out of learning to knit as no one could teach me, meaning I could continue to read my Jackie magazine and eat Spangles. ( This may need some googling for those not my age).

I tend to get the cord on an iron all twisted, so that’s my excuse for limiting this fun chore.  I know there are cordless ones, but that might mean I’d have to start ironing hankies and the back of a shirt, which with Zoom no-one will see anyway.

I struggle to cut wrapping paper neatly even with my nifty left-handed scissors – but who doesn’t like to receive a present in a recycled gift bag?

In fact being left-handed has worked out well for me so far, with the exception of corned beef….I cannot open a tin of the lovely stuff with that fiddly key and that tips the balance, because I would happily knit one pearl one, iron to my hearts content and gift give with fancy ribbon and bows for a tin of corned beef”


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