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Bristol Fostering Training – “The Impact of Trauma on Sensory Processing”

Bristol Fostering Training - "The Impact of Trauma on Sensory Processing"

Our Bristol Fostering region, which also covers South Glos Fostering, Gloucestershire Fostering, Somerset Fostering and Wiltshire Fostering, held training for our foster carers and their supervising social workers on ‘The Impact of Trauma on Sensory Processing’ to assist them in supporting their young person. This is through The Training Hub. We find specific training courses to assist our carers to support their young person.

The Training Hub say on their website…

‘For most children, sensory processing develops in the course of ordinary childhood activities. Motor planning ability is a natural outcome of this process, as is the ability to adapt to incoming sensations.
For some children, sensory integration does not develop as efficiently as it should.
In this course, you can find out more about the senses, the impact of trauma, and how to address the needs of children with sensory processing difficulties.
The learning objectives are as follows:
• To understand the importance of our senses – what they are and why we need them

• To know what sensory processing is

• To know the key stages of physical development

• To know what trauma is

• To be aware of the impacts of missed development on a child

• To know how you can help a child with their sensory processing’


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