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Can you support the children who are most in need? Find out about Resilience Fostering

With 25,000 homes needed for young people in care over the next five years alone, it is of the utmost urgency that children who are most in need are protected in secure and supportive homes. At The Fostering Foundation, we are proud to specialise in Resilience Fostering, helping to find homes for young people who have unique needs.

Resilience Fostering provides long-term foster placements for young people who require more specialised support.

It is a sad truth that there are children in need of foster homes who suffer from more extreme needs than their peers and, subsequently, might require more specialised care. This could range from children with physical disabilities or significant poor mental health, learning difficulties or chronic illness, to young people who have experienced significant traumatic events which might have impaired their ability to form positive relationships.

For these children, finding the right foster home can not only ensure their needs are met, but provide them with an environment in which they can truly thrive.

Ideal candidates for Resilience Fostering might include people who have experience in nursing, social work, emergency services and the military, or those who are medically trained or former carers.

Could you be a Resilience Carer?
Although this can be an incredibly challenging role, it is an equally rewarding one. You will be offering a safe and secure home for a young person to learn and thrive, providing them with a stable present and better future.

Resilience carers must have patience, with the ability to see beyond difficult behaviours to the root causes. The role is well suited to people who have worked with children and young people and may be accustomed to a wide range of needs and behaviours.

Not only do Resilience Carers receive extra support – both in terms of training and a network of social workers and other foster carers ready to help you with any query or issue – but we can also assist with applying for generous financial programmes to help you support a young person’s needs.

Our training programmes specialise in Therapeutic Parenting and, in addition to offering practical courses in First Aid and Safe Caring, our Skills to Foster programme teaches the following as standard:

• What foster carers do
• Understanding the needs of children in foster care
• Safe-caring
• Helping children to deal with change
• Managing challenging behaviour
• Working with children who display sexualised behaviour
• Survival techniques for foster carers
• The placement process and finance matters
• Preparing for Panel

Every year, you will also gain more skills in areas such as Safeguarding and Child Exploitation, De-escalation and Positive Intervention, Equality and Diversity, Attachment Theory, Internet Safety, Disability Awareness and more.

For our Resilience Carers, depending on the needs of the young people in your care, we can also provide training in areas such as managing behaviours, gender identity, child protection, and children who self-harm, as well as much more support as needed.

With support available from The Fostering Foundation 24/7 – as well as through your fostering hubs, therapeutic support groups or our team of social workers – you will be able to concentrate on providing the expert care that makes a lasting impact in a child’s life.

To discuss further please call: 0330 010 2045

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