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Covid-19 / Coronavirus – Update from The Fostering Foundation

Shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in China, we began reviewing and implementing provisions as part of our service continuity plan. The plan outlines specific steps that The Fostering Foundation has taken and continues to take during the pandemic.

All staff; the senior management team; and the Board of Directors of The Fostering Foundation take the COVID-19 threat very seriously and we are taking all reasonable and practical measures, concurrent with Government advice and instruction, to prepare for, and mitigate, the risk and effect of the coronavirus to our staff, carers, and children and young people. We aim, during the continuance of the outbreak, to remain fully compliant with statute and regulation, and to provide the very best relevant, targeted, individual support to carers and children alike. In order to achieve that against a backdrop of increasing restriction and practical constraint, we know that we will need to work harder, faster, and smarter, to be able to continue to do our best for those people, both adults and children, for whom we are responsible, and who rely upon us.

In anticipation, thank you for your understanding and support.

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