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Digital Wellbeing Training

Some of our carers attended the training course “Digital Wellbeing” at a venue in Exeter last week.

The course was run by Dialogue Training  and covered lots of topics, and at the end of the training the carers were able to

  • Identify the issues which might affect young people online
  • Identify particular areas of risk for young people and the factors which increase their vulnerability
  • Acknowledge that social media and the use of technology is now an integral part of young people’s lives today
  • Describe how to keep young people safe online and enable them to benefit from the use of technology
  • Know where to go for information and support
  • Learn from best practice in regards to professional guidance
  • Report concerns to the appropriate authority

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the course and gave some great feedback:


“Really well presented and very informative”

“Excellent day, lots of good information and plenty of food for thought”


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