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Extreme Team Summer Group Day

Hot Chocolate at Bude

The weather was true to form for a British Summer at the beach. Rain, rain and yet more rain followed by black and grey clouds and a spot of more rain. However this did not trouble our Extreme Team members from enjoying their group day.

Due to the weather there was a group decision to either play sport on the rainy beach or have a hot chocolate and play card games in a local cafe. It was a close call however the cafe won by only one vote! After warming hot chocolate drinks and several quick fire rounds of Yes/No games the Team were back on the beach getting into their wet-suits.

The one big advantage of this weather was the surf was strong at 4ft. The two cool surf instructors got around to each individual extreme member giving coaching, advice and encouragement. It wasn’t long before most Extreme Team members were able to stand up on their boards, some for longer than others, but everyone did brilliantly and had lots of fun.

Many thanks to all the Extreme Team members who braved the weather to enjoy their Summer Group Day.


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