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First aid and snowboarding!

First aid training workshop & snowboarding, tobogganing and snow tubing event, Plymouth.

The first of the Extreme Team events for 2019 consisted of a first aid training session. Our young people had the opportunity to practice life-saving CPR for infants, children and adults along with how to manage burns and bleeding. From the training session it was evident that we have a vast amount of first aid knowledge and experience among the Extreme Team members from their life-sang, cadets and school clubs.

The afternoon offered the Extreme Team the opportunity to try out new sporting skills at the Plymouth Snow and Ski Center. All of the young people managed to master the basics of snowboarding on the training slopes with a few members attempting some acrobatics. The rest of the afternoon was a chance to connect through laughter and light heartened fun snow tubing and tobogganing. Luckily the first aid skills learnt in the morning session were not required!

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