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Foster Carer Skills Checklist

Foster Carer Skills Checklist

The Fostering Network have suggested a list of Foster Carer Skills as part of their #FosterCareFortnight

Do you feel that you show some of these skills? Then perhaps you could foster and change a child’s life. Please get in touch.

Listening skills
Do you hear and understand what children and adults are saying to you?
Can you advocate positively for the children in your care?
Can you cope when times get tough? Do you have a good support network?
Can you persevere even when you don’t seem to be getting quick results?
Do you have a welcoming home, and can you make children feel safe and secure?
Team player
Can you share responsibility, work with others, and ask for help and support?
Observational skills
Can you see what is really going on beneath the surface?
Communications skills
Do you get on well with children? Can you speak for others?
Sense of humour
Can you see the bright side of life?


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