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Fostering an asylum seeking teenager made us his “new Mum and new Dad”!

This is an excerpt from an article in the Guardian recently.

Illustrating the benefits of foster caring and specifically the fostering of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. One quote stands out even more than the rest when the lady said… “That first evening over dinner he called us Mum and Dad. We told him he should call us by our first names, and he responded: “No, new Mum, new Dad.” I welled up.

The anonymous foster carer told the Guardian “My husband and I were lucky enough to retire with good physical and mental health, but wanted to still be socially useful. After more than 60 years’ teaching experience between us, we decided to apply to be foster carers.”

She went on to say “We took a “Skills to Foster” course and learned about different types of fostering, including looking after unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC). These young people are in particular need of a place of safety and a loving family, as many have no family or friends in the country when they arrive after what is usually a long, traumatic journey.

“A few weeks later our assessing social worker came around with information on some possible placements, including a 14-year-old UASC. This young man, Salim*, was the best match. Three years later, he is still with us.”

“Salim arrived with all his belongings, which fitted into one suitcase and a bag. His English was better than we’d expected (he’d only been in England for about five months).”

We feel the whole article is well worth a read, just click here to view it on the Guardian’s website.

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