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From fleeing persecution in Afghanistan to being fostered and playing cricket in Bristol

From fleeing persecution in Afghanistan to being fostered and playing cricket in Bristol

From fleeing persecution in Afghanistan to being fostered and playing cricket in Bristol

EO is an ordinary 17 year old boy who lives in Bristol where he enjoys playing cricket and going to college.

But his life is very different to many others, he comes from Afghanistan where he is fleeing persecution and violence, but he has found a refuge with his new foster carers and their family in Central Bristol

He says that, “They are like my parents and they look after me like I was their own child. I’ve been here for last ten months, they make me feel welcome and are really nice. I feel like this is my own house.”

There are many “Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children” just like EO, who need the help of caring people in the UK to make a fresh start.

EO continued to say “I like everything if they’re cooking something and if I don’t like it they make me something else. They make burratas, like naan bread, they make it in the morning. They make chapattis in the afternoon, I like everything they cook and whenever they cook I enjoy eating it.”

When I’m not happy they can see from my face and they know me, they ask me why am I upset or unhappy and make sure I’m ok. I’m happy usually but they know if I’m feeling upset.”

This is quite understandable when you hear some of the horrors that EO went through before he managd to leave Afghanistan. but his foster carers make all the difference.

“If there is any problem, like if am scared at night time, if I have nightmares, in the morning they ask how I am and I explain to them and they support me with this and help me feel better. Now I can understand them better and understand their language.”

It is difficult to understand what it must be like, fleeing while fearing for your life and coming to a country where you don’t understand what people are saying. That is changing for EO.

“They are like my parents and if I’m in any difficulty then I always ask them for help. If there is any problem with reading or writing they always help me. They help me with practical things and also with how I’m feeling. Yes there are rules, like when I get up I change into normal clothing out of pyjamas so I’m not downstairs in my pyjama and I follow this rule since I’ve lived with them.”

“If I’m happy with it I would agree it and follow it. If I don’t agree with a rule I would ask my social worker to help me. I feel this home as my real home and it’s 100 percent my real home and I feel comfortable here. Everything is fine, if there is any problem or worries then I will call my social worker. Nothing else, no worries.”

EO finished withI wasn’t safe in my own country and I’m absolutely safe in this house.

We would like to help others like EO, find a new start in life, could you foster an Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child who has often lost everything that we take for granted?  If so, please contact us…

Just call 03300 10 20 45 or email info@fosteringfoundation.co.uk




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