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Head, Heart, Hands, Motivation & Values

Below is the latest fostering news from fostering.net.

Foster carer values and motivations survey launched

We’ve launched our new national foster carer survey to identify the values and motivations of newly approved foster carers. Please encourage your foster carers who have been fostering for less than one year tocomplete the survey by 31 July 2014. The findings will build on the knowledge reported in Why foster carers care and help us better support fostering services with their recruitment and retention activity. A high completion rate is also one of the main criteria for local authorities to be shortlisted as one of the 11 fostering services to receive bespoke support as part of the Department for Education recruitment project in 2014/15. Please email james.foyle@fostering.net for more information.

Head, Heart, Hands gathers pace hhh-logo-300x200

Momentum is building in our pioneering Head, Heart, Hands programme, which is introducing social pedagogy into foster care.
We are delighted that all of the 280 foster carers, social workers and others who are taking part in the programme have now completed the learning and development courses.
Last month, the inaugural meeting of our Social Pedagogy Practice Forum in Scotland took place in Edinburgh which provided the ideal opportunity for services to come together to share their experiences of social pedagogy.
We have published a further blog from one of the programme’s social pedagogues on our website.

Head, Heart, Hands

Online advice for foster carers 

image005It is important to us that our members are equipped with the information they need to address the issues that matter most to them. That’s why we have published a new range of online advice for foster carers.
These resources have been informed by consultation with our foster carer members on the areas that they need most advice on, and from analysis of the calls that have come into our helplines. The subjects covered so far include allegations, safer caring, record keeping and financial matters, with more to follow.

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