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It is the best job in the world

Last week reporter Sarah Pitt from the Tavistock Times spoke to some of our carers and our Team Manager Caroline Dungate.

Below is an excerpt, for the full article download the pdf here Tavistock Times

With the number of youngsters being taken in to care on the increase, thought, there is an acute shortage of foster carers in West Devon and East Cornwall, reflecting the situation nationwide, where 7,600 more foster families are needed.

“Unfortunately a high level of referrals are received to place children in safe and loving foster care”, said Caroline Dungate, team manager at The Fostering Foundation in Tavistock. “We are currently unable to meet the demand due to the continuing need for foster carers”

She feels that people may be put off with the assessment requirements and expectations, however would recommend people who are thinking about fostering to call for a friendly, informal chat to discuss this in more detail. This in turn may help to eliminate any potential fears, worries or misconceptions people may have which could be preventing them from taking the first steps to apply to foster.

“I think people feel that somehow there are a lot of barriers to being a foster carer but in most cases these can be overcome”, she said. “The majority of people will be able to meet the criteria”. “Being single is no barrier nor is being over 50” she added.

So don’t put it off, pick up the phone and speak to a member of our friendly staff, or use the contact form to send us your name and email and will we contact you.

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