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Kids Left Home? Could you Foster?

Have you now got an empty nest and wondering what to do?

Could you foster?

Many people, whose children have left the family home, find that fostering can help “fill the gap” left by the children, give them a new purpose in life and also help them financially.

If you have a spare room and a willingness to help others, you could foster.

But what are the benefits of foster caring?

  • Challenging but Rewarding

    The thing that foster carers often indicate as a key reason for fostering are the rewards of seeing a young person develop. Fostering isn't easy and there are often knocks but when you see the growth of your foster families, it is very rewarding.

  • Extending Your Family

    Many Foster Carers highlight the fact they have a larger family than most traditional family units. As the young people grow older they inevitably leave the home but they will often stay in touch and stay "part of the family" for the foster carers, children and other relatives.

  • Working from Home

    Working from home is what of people are looking for right now and fostering is a role that takes place in your home. Some foster carers highlight the fact they are able to spend more time at home with their partners and other family members.

  • Financial Support

    While you are not paid to foster, there is a financial package which rewards the effort, challenges and time spent hosting your foster family. This allowance also covers outgoings, birthdays and holiday allowance.

  • Making a Difference

    Fostering makes a difference on so many levels. Successful fostering will lead to a better life for the entire foster family including the foster carers themselves. It is also better for society by taking more children out of care and giving them a chance to blossom and grow.

So why not get in touch and learn more?

Enquire About Fostering

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