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Local businesses supporting FF…

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to White Stuff Clothing store as they kindly joined in the efforts to promote Foster Carers during the Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight.  They freed up some space and allowed the Fostering Foundation to set up an information stand in their Tavistock store which is directly below the Fostering Foundation Office in Tavistock.

It is great to have such local support and we are delighted to have spoken to so many people about what it takes to be a Foster Carer (not a lot) and how difficult it is to become a Foster Carer (it isn’t) and what the weekly payments are (up to £400).

It was great to de-bunk some myths about fostering and if you weren’t able to join us please do get in touch on here or on Facebook and we’d be very pleased to talk you through the modern fostering world we live in!

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