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Male Carers Support – South West

Male carers support group –  8 October 2015

Our most recent male carers support group was held at Finlake holiday park. Nigel Daly a psychologist also attended the group and a variety of issues were discussed inclusive of individual case  discussions.IMG_0237

  • Discussion around Migration and shifting populations was one topic looking at the migration and the number of immigrants from war torn countries in the Middle East and those from other countries that are coming to Western Europe to seek asylum or to seek work in the UK. The impact of this on public services, especially at points of entry in the South East of England was explored and whether the influx of migrants would extend down to the West Country including the requirement for more foster care placements.   General discussion took place about the impact on services and the need to gain more resources and for services including IFAs to start preparing now rather than there being a knee-jerk reaction if there was to be a significant rise in migrant children being placed.
  • Education / Staying Put – Further to a discussion regarding education that took place at the last Male Support Group, this was further explored including the transition process from secondary or higher education to the relatively new concept of ‘Staying Put.’
  • IMG_0233Nigel Daley provided a useful insight into the possible theory as to why either young male children up to the age of about four and then during adolescence may present with harmful sexual behaviors and he provided advice on the most appropriate strategy to deal with it.

The group had lunch together and agreed it had been a thought provoking group and attendees were keen for further groups to be set up.

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