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Mid Devon Fostering Tips from existing Foster Carers

Mid Devon Fostering Tips from existing foster carers

Are you in Mid Devon and thinking of Fostering?

Why not listen to this audio snippet where Mid Devon Foster Carers, Angela and Pete tell us about some of their tips for people thinking about fostering.

Angela tells us that it is important for budding foster carers to be matched with the right children and that the Fostering Foundation is very supportive in this process, making sure we take time to try and make the matching the best for everyone involved.

She went on to say that there will be challenges but that makes the positives even more rewarding.

Pete tells us about how fostering changed his life for the better and how the professional support and friendly help he got from the Fostering Foundation was very important in this process.

Please feel free to listen to more below.

If you would like to find out more, just get in touch and we have a chat with you about it.

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