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My Story – My Life as a Foster Carer

My wife and I were approved to become foster carers and to work within The Fostering Foundation in October 2008. There is no doubt that my life changed for the better! I had previously worked for 27 years in various offices in typical 9 – 5 jobs, it was time to try something different….

About a year later, we were introduced to 2 brothers aged 7 and 8 who were in need of a new start in Devon, an opportunity to break away from their previous life in another area of the country where they had lived with their birth family and then taken into foster care.

We agreed that the time was right for me to give up my office job and to become a full-time foster carer to the boys. I was 46 years old and on a steep learning curve as I do not have any birth children.
I quickly discovered that fostering presents many challenges; there are plenty of positive moments and always a few not so good, emotional highs and lows, comparable to riding a roller coaster perhaps! The life of a foster carer is also very rewarding, my wife and I have certainly enjoyed watching the boys grow and develop.

Our role as foster carers is to provide our children with a safe and loving home, a stable environment where they can prosper and to prepare them for adult life. It is also important to be good role models; many children in care have come from difficult places where they have not had the comforts of a happy family for help and support.

The last 10 years have certainly given me a new direction and a fresh start to my life. It is a real honour and a privilege for me to be a foster carer, I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now, I enjoy working with some amazing people and I am able to look forward to a bright future.

Thank you for reading my story.






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