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National Fostering Sons and Daughters Month

National Fostering Sons and Daughters Month

October is National Fostering Sons and Daughters Month, where The Fostering Network helps to raise awareness of how the children of foster carers, play their part in helping their parents in the fostering process.

The Fostering Foundation is keen to support the campaign and thank the sons and daughters of our foster carers who do so much to support the children living with them. 

This year we sent a letter to all our carers with gift vouchers to pass on to their children as a thank you for everything they have done in this difficult year.

Following is the letter from Will (our CEO) and we’d all like to join him in adding our thanks to all the children of our foster carers.

I take great delight in writing to you personally and on behalf of all us at The Fostering Foundation to express gratitude to you for all your help and support that you have provided to your fostering household.

Particularly over the last couple of years, the way of existing has changed for us dramatically with lots more time being spent at home, learning new methods of existing with one another or indeed socially distanced from one another at times!

We have had to overcome challenges such as home schooling, virtual support, ‘meeting’ our friends online and looking after our loved ones within the confines of our own homes. This has been a challenge which hasn’t gone unnoticed by all of our team and we have hopefully been able to help and be a part of that experience and support with you. However, the real credit should be for you. You have helped to support and provide sanctuary for all of your family and the children living with you, possibly without even realizing it.

Therefore, that is the reason we are writing to you today, to say thank you. Without you, sometimes these situations are not possible or certainly aren’t as easy. It may not seem much but we all really appreciate you. It is not always easy opening the doors to your home and sharing your lives with another individual(s), but that’s what makes the fostering experience so special for all our children in care and we admire and respect your ability to help in that circumstance.

So from the staff, carers, and all the children who are part of The Fostering Foundation’s network of fostering households, thank you for everything that you are doing and continue to do.

Kindest regards,

William Lewis
Chief Executive Officer of The Fostering Foundation Ltd

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