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National Pet Month – Sakina’s Story

National Pet Month - Sakina's Story

April is National Pet Month, so we thought we’d share some of the pet stories from the Fostering Foundation team.

Today it comes from our CEO, Sakina.

“Meet my girls – from right to left in the pic, Bethany, Henrietta and Marjorie.
If you are wondering why my Marjorie has strange coloured feathers then this is from the days when the girls were deciding who would be their leader – the pecking order is very real. Henrietta would peck Marjorie on the back repeatedly because clearly Marjorie was a rebel and would not accept Henrietta as her boss. 😊
Eventually she gave in but had a bad wound on her back. Believe it or not, chickens attack each other if they see blood so I was advised to cover it up with antiseptic wash in a purple colour!
Chickens are beautiful and intelligent creatures and I only learnt this after I kept them as pets, I never ever gave them enough credit before. They are an awesome pet and a great source of joy for our whole family.
They reward us daily with a freshly laid egg. If you are considering keeping chickens as pets, I would thoroughly recommend it!”

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