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Parent & Child Fostering

Types of Fostering - Parent & Child Fostering & Assessments

Parent & Child Foster Placements

Being a Parent & Child foster carer is a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Parents (mother / father / both) can be placed in a foster home together with their baby / child / children. The needs vary but specially trained foster carers look after the parent(s) and child and ensure safety while the parent(s) are assessed by an independent assessor usually from the local authority or appointed by the Court.

Some parents need support to care for their children so Parent & Child foster placements are set up to help them.

These placements are designed to support parents and help them develop the skills and confidence to look after their child.

Without this support these relationships can often break down and lead to separation of parent and child.


Parent & Child Assessments

This is similar to Parent and Child Arrangements but the foster carer and supporting social worker are expertly trained to carry out the assessment of the parent(s) for the Court.

Parent & Child Fostering Videos

An introduction into how Rachel & Hamish, two of our Foster Carers in Plymouth, first got into Parent & Child Fostering and some of the highs and lows it provides.
Not many people know about parent & child fostering. It is where a parent or two parents come into your home for a set amount of time because they need support with their child or baby.
There are various reasons why the parent might need support and sometimes this can be very challenging but many parent and child foster carers find this the most rewarding type of fostering.

Parent & Child Carer Testimonials

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