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Parent & child placements

Our Bristol foster carers who provide Parent and child assessment placements met for their specialist support group earlier this week.

In this forum the foster carers are able to share their experiences of providing these types of placements which differ from mainstream fostering. These carers involve foster carers helping a parent to care for their child – passing on parenting skills whilst helping them to practice and evolve their own.

Parents come into foster homes for a variety of reasons – they may be first time mums under 18 and may not have had the best parenting themselves or the parent/s may have health issues or disabilities and struggling to parent on their own or together. These assessments can be carried out in a residential setting however being in the foster carers home for many is a better environment for them.

These types of placements can be complex, rewarding and challenging all at the same time! Typically a parent or parents with their young baby reside in the foster carers home for an assessment on their parenting skills normally for 12 weeks.

The Fostering Foundation is currently looking for new foster carers particularly who want to undertake Parent and Child Placements – please call us for a chat to find out more whether you could do this vital role.

Alternatively, you can click here to go to our Contact Us page.

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