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South Cornwall Foster Carers Give Glowing Feedback to The Fostering Foundation

South Cornwall Foster Carers Give Glowing Feedback to The Fostering Foundation

We ask for feedback from our Foster Carers and S&J in South Cornwall cam back with a glowing report for The Fostering Foundation, which we are delighted to share!

Thank you for the lovely feedback S & J!!

TFF: How do you feel about being a foster carer now?

S&J: We feel we have learnt so much over the last 4 and a half years about the impact of trauma on children. Each child who comes into our care, even for a short amount of time teaches us so much.

TFF: What advice would you give to new carers about fostering

S&J: We would tell new carers that fostering is life changing and no amount of preparation or training can ever fully prepare you for it! In our experience, we have found fostering to be the most challenging, as well as the most rewarding thing that we have ever done.

We would suggest to new carers that they fully embrace being part of The Fostering Foundation ‘family’. Through having discussions with the staff team at TFF as well conversations with other foster carers, new carers will find empathy, helpful strategies, lived experience, wisdom and always a listening ear.

We would advise new carers that supporting our children in a therapeutic manner, is the only way in which healthy attachment and real healing can take place. Even then, some children will be so deeply traumatised, or there might be other factors that might lead to a placement ending. We would assure new carers that they would be professionally supported by TFF if a placement ending was to happen.

TFF: What are you happy with about being part of The Fostering Foundation?

S&J: Since joining TFF nearly 5 years ago, there has never been a moment that we would have ever considered fostering with another agency. We believe that TFF truly places children at the heart of their service and that they work tirelessly as an organisation to support young people and their foster carers.

TFF: Any other comments:

S&J: We would like to thank the whole team at The Fostering Foundation for the excellent service you have continued to provide, throughout the entire Covid situation and beyond. You are a credit to the foster carers and young people that you support.



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