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Staff Development – Caroline’s NVQ

carolineI’m really very relieved, as well as excited to have completed and successfully passed my NVQ Level 5 – Leadership and Management Diploma. This has been an interesting journey where I have learnt the importance of developing a number of positive leadership and management styles, promoting organisation outcomes, as well as enhancing my skills needed to work in partnership with the Regional Director to ensure the smooth running of the agency.


Through this course my knowledge and skills grew within the specialist understanding of working in a child care setting and the complexities that can arise within this such as Strategic planning models for effectiveness, child protection, safeguarding, recruitment and selection, the application of scanning tools to strategy development, the relationship between strategic intentions, strategic choice and strategy formulation, the impact of a proposed strategy on a business, as well as managing budgets and project management.


An additional element I developed was an enhanced knowledge of the challenging task of managing and encouraging diversity and equality through enabling others to understand the importance of their rights and responsibilities in relation to these concepts. Within this process I also extended my understanding of how to manage the impact of the negative views of human diversity and how these can lead to stereotyping and prejudice.


I am extremely passionate about being dedicated to my Deputy Regional Director role. This qualification has therefore enabled me to pursue my leadership qualification and given me the opportunity to enhance my skills, knowledge and awareness within my new and developing role.

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