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Superman had Foster Parents…

On 27th March, a number of foster carers from our Wessex Team attended our Carers Consultation day. We had the opportunity to reflect on the comments and suggestions which had been made by foster carers last year, and how we have acted on these as a team and as an agency. We also considered the following questions, to discuss what we could be doing over the next year to further develop the support and service we offer to our foster carers, along with promoting positive outcomes for children: –

  • What do The Fostering Foundation need to do to develop your role as a foster carer?
  • Do you feel able to maintain your own emotional health and wellbeing? What can The Fostering Foundation do to support you to achieve this?
  • How can we work together to support the children in our care to achieve their potential?
  • There were some excellent discussions, thank you to all those who attended and contributed.

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