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Teddy Bears Beach and Water Safety Event

The Teddy Bears made the most of the British summertime by spending a day in Bude where we visited Crooklets and Summerleaze Beaches. The day started with a beach and sea safety workshop held by Bude Nippers which is run by Bude Surf Life Saving Club. The Teddy Bears learnt all about the dangers of the beach and sea. This included learning all about the warning flags which tell us where it is safe to swim, body board and surf. We also learnt about the role of the RNLI life savers

tb - beach safe 1and their training and how you can join a life-saving club Like Bude Nippers from the age of 7 years and how many of the club members go on to be RNLI life guards when they are adults.

They also taught us about the dangers of rip tides, how to spot the signs, and most tb - beach safe 2importantly what we should do if we were to get caught in one.


Then followed an interesting look and play with some of the RNLI life-saving equipment including with the first most important thing being the life saver. Other equipment included rescue rib boats, jet skis, rescue boards, rescue tubes and surf kayaks. The Teddy Bears had the opportunity to work in pairs and rescue their partner on a rescue board and attach a rescue tube to save them from the perils of the sea, all on the safety of the land. They also had a fun game where the Teddy Bears were tested on their knowledge of the flags where they had to run to the correct flag when asked where it is safe or unsafe to swim, bodyboard or surf.

tb - beach safe 3tb - beach safe 4

We then took a walk from Crooklets Beach to Summerleaze Beach with our Bude Surf Life Saving hosts, they encouraged the Teddy Bears to look out for warning signs, flags, and sea hazards. By the end of our session, The Teddy Bears and carers grown-ups alike were are more aware to both the potential dtb - beach safe 5angers of the sea but also how it can be such a great fun place to be if you following the RNLI’s advice.


The rest of our day followed a Teddy Bears Picnic whilst sunning ourselves at Bude Sea Pool. This followed a splash and for some a swim in the sea pool. Water fights were the highlight of the day where some of the grown-ups got a little wetter than they had planned! The day was tb - beach safe 6ended with an ice-cream and goodbyes. Thank you to those carers who brought along their children for what was an educational yet fun day.

We would all like to say a big thank you to the staff and Bude Surf Life Saving Club for an interesting and informative morning.

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