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The Fostering Foundation South West are Sponsoring Two Young People

The Fostering Foundation South West are sponsoring two young people who will travel to Fuerteventura to experience long course swimming training. The young people attending will also gain much in their personal development.  Travelling without their parents in a group of their team peers, offers them the opportunity to be independent whilst under the supervision of experienced team managers.   

Head Coach, Helen Tooley, has been taking swimmers of all abilities on domestic and international training camps for over 20 years.  Joined by a squad of qualified Team Managers who have had to attend Amateur Swimming Association courses and safeguarding courses in order to qualify them in their important role, the swimmers will be completely safe.  The swimmers will be offered a structured programme of training and more importantly, the opportunity of a lifetime and an experience that will remain with them for many years.

Following the activities on a GB or England training camp, swimmers must rest in their rooms in the afternoon and this will allow them to catch up on homework and study if they need to. 






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