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The Fostering Foundation SW Young People’s Panel – 9 August 2016

Our Young People’s Panel had a summer twist where we took our panel activity out in the sunshine in Meadowlands Park, Tavistock. The two teams were set the challenge of creating a watercraft with some basic materials along with elements from nature. Both teams set to work with ingenuity and technical abilities in full flare creating two great vessels.

The fun was in the launching of their crafts which resulted in wet feet and for one enthusiastic team member being soaked from head to toe in their attempts to give their team vessel the best floating chance.

Once again the young people demonstrated skill and compassion through their interviewing techniques which frequently extended beyond the prepared interview questions. The feedback from the prospective foster carers was that the day was a wonderful experience and that the young people are a credit to their dedicated foster carers.

A big thank you to everyone who took part!

YP Panel Pic 1YP Panel Pic 2

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