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Training on the Caring for Separated & Trafficked Children

This training course was held on 13th March 2017 at Tavistock Town Hall, Devon.

This is what Debbie Girdler one of our carers who attended had to day about the course:

The course is run by ECPAT UK. EPCAT logo 29.3.17

They are the leading authority on the rights of children trafficked through UK and work directly with the young victims of trafficking and have helped to make significant improvements in the protections offered to the youngsters affected. They work with the Refugee Council which is one of the leading charities who work with refugees and help them to rebuild their lives.

The purpose of the course was to help us understand the definitions and rights of the separated and trafficked children, the risks that can affect them and to help them to seek asylum by using the various organisations that are set up to aid them in this process whilst they transition to adulthood.

This included recognising the difficulties that they face as young people in a new country with no English language and very different cultures and food to their own.

They also need assistance to access immigration; health services; educations and be kept safe from criminality.

The course highlighted some of the main concerns that a carer can be faced with when fostering one of these children and the signs and symptoms of abuse that they are vulnerable to – even after placement – due to the underhand methods that traffickers can try to use to put pressure on these children, as well as their families back home to perpetuate a mentally abusive situation.






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