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Training that works…

Insightful LGBTQ Training for Foster carers.

Many thanks to Kayleigh Hawkins from Lilac Maison who delivered LGBTQ Awareness Training for our Wessex carers on 18th June 2019. Topics covered included:

  • The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Understanding the diversity of sexual orientation/gender variance
  • Engaging with the lived experiences of gender variance
  • Prejudice and discrimination directed towards people of differing sexual orientations and the impact of this
  • Legislation in relation to sexual orientation and Trans people

This was very valuable training and opened up much discussion around how foster carers can support the children and young people in their care. Feedback from all the foster carers was really positive and everyone enjoyed the day.’

The training was run by Lilac Maison and you can find more about them and the courses they run here… https://www.lilacmaisontraining.com/

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