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Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child from Iran flourishes in Bristol

One of our #BristolFosterCarers is super proud of unaccompanied young person SR, who enjoyed celebrating his 18 birthday recently, with his #FosterFamily.

SR’s carers say they are really amazed how much he has achieved since arriving in the U.K. 2 years ago from Iran with nothing.

SR has learnt English and is applying to study a vocational course at college.

SR has decided to stay with his carers as a “#StayingPut” for a little longer to learn more independent skills which his #FosterCarers are supporting him with.

So far, SR has mastered budgeting, shopping and is learning to cook a variety of meals.

#RoastDinner anyone?

Congratulations SR, The #Fostering Foundation are really proud of your successes!

#UASC #BristolFostering






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