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University of Exeter taster Day

On the 18th March one of the Wessex young people and a member of staff attended an Open Day at University of Exeter

A number of Looked after Children (Young People) from different schools from around the  South West were invited to attend.

Having split into groups, they were given a guided tour around the Streatham campus to see the different facilities which included: main lecture buildings, accommodation (catered and self-catering), food halls and a huge modern gym complex. The tour continued on to the science, engineering and psychology buildings, followed by the main forum complex.

The Student Ambassadors spoke about various aspects of the student’s life, breaking down the number of hours of study expected during a week; hours attending lectures; self-directed learning, homework and all the other activities that go on in the campus. They also talked about the other events and activities on campus such as RAG week, volunteering, trips abroad and all the societies.

Some of the most memorable societies were the Hide and Seek, Assassins Creed and the Harry Potter Quidditch society, as well as of the numerous sports Societies.

The young people completed a compare and contrasting exercises that looked at the differences between being a pupil at school and a student at University. The exercise reflected on the number of core subjects a student takes and the how that time is broken down into self-directed learning and other social activities.

Furthermore, the Student ambassadors spoke about their specialist subjects and their time at University of Exeter. They give insights into studying different subjects such as politics, psychology, modern languages, film making, engineering, drama, music, arts, history, maths, english and many other subjects available at Exeter. The two other campuses in Exeter and Penryn in Cornwall, provide sports sciences, medicines and marine engineering and marine life ecology.

A number of clear points shone through during the guided tour. These were that a university education could be attainable for the Looked After Children if they wish and secondly, you don’t have to come to university straight away from college or school, you can come later in life if you have the ambition to return to higher education.

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