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“…welcome them into our loving family…if they haven’t been fortunate…”

Soban and Iqra were kind enough to give us these words about their experience with fostering.

“It’s been 19 months since my and husband and I were approved as a foster carer’s in Bristol. After
the assessment and panel we were really thrilled that now we will be able to help young people and
welcome them into our loving family, understanding that it may be difficult coming into our family
were we are full of love, listening, and caring for one another, if they haven’t been fortunate to experience a solid strong family network.
After our first placement we realised, it certainly isn’t easy, you will be working full time, there for them 24 hours a day, and need lots of flexibility as you will be doing things you’d never expect you would be doing, but a good learning curve for us all. It is such a nice feeling to provide for a young person, when they are se1ling and realise, they are cared for and we are there to support them. We are thoroughly enjoying our fostering experience.”


If you would like to ask about being a foster carer, just like Soban & Iqra, please call 03300 10 20 45 or email info@fosteringfoundation.co.uk





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