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Wessex Carers – Equality & Diversity Training

A core value of The Fostering Foundation is to promote equality and diversity. As part of that commitment and an essential requirement of our policies we delivered our first equality and diversity training, as the Wessex Office.

We began with a lively game of ‘Okay or not okay’, where our carers were presented with a number of statements such as ‘a British Pakistani father takes his daughter to Pakistan to meet a cousin as a potential suitor for marriage’ or ‘female sportsperson receives less pay than male sportsperson as brings in less revenue’. This exercise challenged our beliefs and values and often stimulated lively debate. We spent time go using on the equalities faced by children and young people in care and considered how those inequalities can be lessened. We are only too aware of poor academic achievements for children in care and the disadvantages created through trauma and abuse because of the impact on a child’s development, their confidence and self-esteem.

In the afternoon we were joined by Becky, a transgender female and Sandyha a second generation British-Indian. Both women shared their personal stories and experiences of discrimination. Through meeting persons from different communities helped to break down barriers and dispel myths as well as bringing the subject matter to life.

The feedback form our carers was very positive and they really appreciated the training remaining relevant to their role as well meeting Becky and Sandyha, which raised their awareness of the challenges and barriers people from different communities may face. We finished the day – with a task to take away, for each carer to think about something they can do to further their understanding and awareness of equality and diversity – whether that would be ‘reading a related article’, ‘meeting someone from a different community’, or ‘participating in a different cultural activity’.


For more information regarding the Global Champions, based at Global Centre Exeter,  where Sandyha works see their website – www.globalcentredevon.org.uk/cultural-champions

global centre DDE

 And for more information regarding Transgender see Becky’s website –

https://www.transinform.org.uk  OR for information relating to children an dyoung people with transgender issues –




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