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Wessex Carers PACE Training

Thank you to all the carers who attended yesterday’s PACE training course at the Wessex office.

The course was run by Dr Emma Greatbatch who explained to the carers the principles of PACE and how to implement the principles of it in their relationship with their young people.

Thank you to Emma for a great day.


The comments about the training included

“really useful informative training that I will be putting into practice”

“I had heard bits about PACE but it was never made as clear as today’s course”

“down to earth & practical useful information that can be used “properly” in the fostering field”

“great tutor – really good training skills to show empathy & connect”

“very impressive training – I could relate really well to it. Gave me extra skills to support being a foster carer”

The carers rated the training overall as “excellent” or “very good”.

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