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Wessex Carers training – Child Sexual Exploitation

As part of the ongoing training program some of the Wessex carers attended a training course run by Dialogue


This course focused on the experience of foster carers living with children who may be at risk of child sexual exploitation and explored several important areas:

 Understand the definition and range of Child Sexual Exploitation
 Recognise potential vulnerability and warning signs that a young person is at risk of or is involved in CSE
 Gain knowledge of how perpetrators target, groom & abuse young people
 Consider the impact upon all those affected by CSE
 Explore the issues/dilemmas of practitioners working with young people at risk or subject to CSE
 Sharing information
 Local relevant policies & resources

The feedback from the carers was very positive with comments

“Brilliant training,excellent resources and an interesting trainer. Stimulating delivery of a difficult topic.”

“An excellent video clip at the beginning and useful websites given for relating dangers to children/young people”


Thank you to all who attended and to Martine who delivered the “excellent” training.

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