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Wessex Extreme Team Paintball Adventure

Skirmish Paintball Exeter 28.07.16

The excited, motley crew arrived at Skirmish Paintball Exeter, and the weather initially tried to dampen their spiri   ts ,but to no avail. Devon and Cornwall PCSO Ben Jones Aka (Silver Fox) delivered an excellent,  informal talk to the Extreme Team about being safe, being internet savvy, and the laws of association.

He also discussed the diverse roles our police play in our society, such as working in communities and neighbourhoods, 1st response teams, intelligence gathering, armed response teams, traffic police, managing big local sports event like football or rugby matches, background support roles and last but not least the police dog and horse teams, and finally finishing on a Q&A.  A huge thank you to Ben Jones and the Devon and Cornwall Police for supporting our Extreme team.

The weather continued to threaten with a heavy downpour, but relented after lunch, launching into brilliant scorching sunshine.

The guys and girls quickly organised themselves in to  red and blue teams and it wasn’t long before die hard hero’s emerged during the ensuing fever pitched battles.

Some of the team members were better at concealing themselves and surviving some battles, whilst others were covered from head to toe in paint splats and quickly walked to the dead zones.

All this energy eventually culminating in the final furious two games of bridge and fort, where two epic battles of attack and defence took place.

Under the sweltering heat the Blue team beat the Red 230 to 140 points.


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