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Wessex Male Carers Support Group

Last week the male carers from the Wessex region met for one of their regular support group meetings at the Community Room at Middlemoor Fire Station.

The subjects for discussion included:

  • Moderns tattoos and piercing: tribal origins of marking the rights of passage from  childhood to manhood; Body expression, art forms and changing societal views.
  • What marks the modern transition from adolescence into adulthood and the influence of the electronic age and social media.
  • Parenting skills: Developing inner structures and boundaries, supporting young people to develop core values, taking responsibility for oneself, self-discipline. As carers the need to embody and model core values.
  • Impact of electronics devices and mobiles on teenagers and changes behaviours. Young people;s perceived need to be constantly connected to friends via social media. Balancing mobile phones boundaries and consequences, regularly refreshing or resetting what are the acceptable limits inside the home.
  • Looking at carer instinctual reactions to current placement situations and reflecting on RUDOLF DREIKURS Goals of misbehaviours.
    • Attention getting
    • Power and control
    • Revenge
    • Helplessness or inadequacy
  • Developing Resilience and teaching children to move through difficulty and not give up: support and encouragement impact on low self-esteem. Understanding that Lying is a coping strategy to remain connected? and or defer punishment as well.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the successful meeting.

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