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Wessex SQUAD activity day

The Squad team met up at YMCA Taunton and started with introductions and greetings from new and old members. This was followed by the Participation workshop and soon the team were in agreement and voted to have a new group name to reflect the new Wessex region changes. After much deliberation and unusual names choices the final vote cast was HEIST as the new group name.

HEIST is an acronym for Help, Everyone, Interact, Share, Together. The team then shared their views on wanting a new logo, electing to have a new logo drawing competition. The group rules to keep people safe were reviewed and some non-compulsory rules were also developed such as “eat chocolate at least once a week” And “be batman”.

The group then reviewed the standard activity feedback form and discussed their views and ideas for HEIST groups activities and workshops in the future.

After such an involved workshop, we all visited Local Pizza Hut and took full advantage of the “all you can eat lunch time buffet menu” and lastly headed off to Hollywood bowl.

The imaginative HEIST group certainly showed their creative nature with some original scoreboard name choices and bowling techniques which yielded some very high scores for such unorthodox techniques.  With Nick and Lyn (staff) coming a highly placed last on each game!

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