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Wessex Wolf Pack @Crealy Park

With an air of gathering excitement we all arrived at Crealy adventure Park. The Wolf Pack group completed a Participation mini workshop designed to choose a new group name in line with the new Wessex office. There was a number of original names put forwards with the final result being the new name of “the Wessex Rebels”. Then all voted to have a logo to reflect the new name and the members unanimous voted to have a drawing competition to design a new logo to match the Wessex Rebels.

Immediately after the workshop, we split into smaller groups, this was to enable all to visit the attraction and ride of their interest and choice.

The older members gravitated to the Twister, Vortex and Maximus rides while the younger members chose activities such as Dino Jeeps, Dino Dig and Buddy Bears kingdom. The Carousel, Flying Machine and Jungle War were popular attractions too.  All seemed to enjoy the Adventure Zone indoor play zone or the Wild West Play Fort with Dead Man’s Drop and Fort Crealy and the Jail.

By the end of the day there was a lot of tired rebels.

IMG_0801 IMG_0779 DSCF1168

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