What is Fostering?

What is Fostering? - Why some children need Foster Care

What is Fostering?

Fostering means caring for children in a home situation when they are unable to be cared for by their own family for a variety of reasons.
Fostering has become increasingly recognised for the transformational effect for children who live in foster care. Our foster carers are passionate and determined to ensure children receive the very best care. The Fostering Foundation is committed to ensure foster carers have all the support, training and access to services in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Why some children need Foster Care?

Children and young people come into care for many reasons such as for a short period of time due to a parent’s illness, or because issues in the family home have threatened their wellbeing. Children may have faced neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and be traumatised by their experiences, before coming into care and will need your love and support to overcome the challenges that this may present to them.

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