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Why do Foster Carers think Teenagers can be difficult?

Teenagers who might have had difficult childhoods can really benefit from a carer providing them with care an attention, and its never too late to do this.

One young fostered Teenager, who moved into a Devon village, has immersed himself in the village community.

It all started when the young person went to stay with a carer, whose other young people were heavily involved in their community. They were involved in helping their community, by raking up the leaves and volunteering to help others. When the young person was asked to do this, he was not very impressed. However, the carer encouraged him and told him that he would be able to put how helpful he had been, on his CV describing how he had helped out in the community. This hooked the young person in, as they felt that the help provided would be valued by others.

This young person has taken this one step forward. He, likes to bake cup cakes, but his foster carer, cannot eat all the cakes that he makes, delicious that they are, so the Fostering Foundation’s Social Worker encouraged the young person, to locally take cakes around to his neighbours.

This led to the carer being approached in the park by a member of her community, who said that they had met the young lad, as he was helping out delivering cup-cakes, with a team of likewise community spirited people in the village. This person said that the foster carers teenager, was a very polite and lovely lad. The carer was very pleased to hear this and told the teenager, which boosted his confidence even more.

So, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, or to teach a teenager who might not have had the greatest start in life to give back to their communities. After all this is what the current Covid-19 scare has taught us all, the importance of community.

So, if you want to foster, but feel that you might end up fostering a teenager, then you might be lucky enough to do so. Teenagers like to help and feel valued, just like the rest of us. By helping to foster one of our teenagers, perhaps you can feel as valued as they might, and you might need never to bake your own cakes again!






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