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Wolf Pack Beach and Bowling event, Bude

Well firstly what a fantastic turnout Wolf Pack! There were 17 Wolf Pack members who came along from far and wide to learn about keeping safe at the Beach and enjoy the delights of Bude both in and out of the water!

The day commenced with a beach and sea safety workshop held by Bude Nippers which is run by Bude Surf Life Saving Club. The Wolf Pack learnt all about the dangers of the beach and sea. This included learning all about the warning flags which tell us where it is safe to swim, body board and surf. Our wonderful hosts Stef Picture2and Alan taught us how to identify a rip current and what to do in the unfortunate even if we should ever get caught in one. We informed of how important it is to remain calm and wave and shout for help until a Lifeguard rescues us. Thanks to all of the Wolf Pack for great listening and your contributions during this workshop activity. You were enthusiastic and polite which we were all very proud of.


We also learnt about the role of the RNLI life savers and their training and how you can join a life-saving club Like Bude Nippers from the age of 7 years and how some of their members are 70 years old!  They also told us how many of the younger club members go on to become RNLI Life Guards when they are adults.

We then went and took a look and had an opportunity to try out some of the life-saving equipment whilst on the safety of land! The Wolf Pack had a go on the rescue boards and also took it I turns in rescuing their fellow team members using the rescue tubes. Stef and Alan then took us along the cliff tops from Crooklets Beach over to Summerleaze Beach where we got to meet the Life Guards on duty. We also were shown the water safety signs, RNLI flags and warning signs.

After saying big thank you to Stef and Alan, we all headed off to the beach for our picnic packed lunches. Thankfully the weather stayed dry long enough for us to enjoy our lunch and gave you all an opportunity to catch up with your fellow Wolf Pack friends. Our beach games were sadly prevented by the not so great British weather. So the surfers headed off and donned their wetsuits whilst Picture3those of us who went for the, oh so dry bowling headed off to Harlequins for a game of ten pin bowling. One brave Wolf Pack member stayed with Lyn at the beach, our official surf photographer whilst another Wolf Pack member tried his skills at body boarding with our action girl, Mandy.

Tim and Nick were impressed by the Wolf Packs surf skills where many of you took like ducks to water! Those bowling were, let’s say a little competitive whilst being incredibly thoughtful to others of our group who needed a little extra help. For the Wolf Pack member who sneaked off with Angela to the soft play area, we hope you enjoyed ‘monkeying’ around!

After an action packed afternoon with some wet and cold Wolf Pack members, we attempted to reunite you all with your belongings and with those staff members transporting you. We almost got there with just a few belongings taking the wrong journeys but most importantly all the Wolf Pack members were delivered home safely.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the Wolf Pack members for making this an enjoyable day and to all the staff that made this possible. You are all super stars!


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