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Wolf Pack – Tree Surfing & Archery

louise, kyle and chloeWell today was the first Wolf Pack South West Event where 8 of of young people spent a informative and exhilarating day at Tamar Trails.

The day commenced with a workshop on firework and fire safety delivered by fireman Ron from Plympton Fire Station. The children learnt all about the dangers of fireworks and how to keep themselves s sdonna and caroline - looking terrifiedafe. They also found out what to do in the event should somebody unfortunately be on fire, and had a practice at the ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique. All the members of the group enthusiastically joined in the session and remembered all they had learnt in a little quiz at the end.

After munching through our packed lunches we headed off to the high ropes course, and my were they high! There were some very nervous staff and young people alike, however with brilliant team work and lots of encouragement from the group most combated their initial fears and zoomed and zipped around the course numerous times – unlike the staff who only managed to hold their nerve to complete the course once!team brief

After the high adrenaline experience in the tree tops we all became grounded on the Archery range. We sure had some budding archers! Robin Hood watch out!!


The day was ended with a hot chocolate and marshmallows and a group chat before saying our farewells.

A huge thank you to all the children, firemen Ron and all the kind staff at Tamar Trails for a superb day.

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