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Young People helping new foster carers

Five of our trained young people from the South West Young People’s (YP) Panel interviewed two couple’s and single carer foster carer applicants at the first YP Panel of 2019 in what was a demanding and valuable experience.

As with all of the YP Panel days, the young people and applicants undertake group activities, which allow the applicants and young people to interact in an informal atmosphere. Today’s challenge was a blind-folded exercise whereby two teams went head to head in a game that relied on communication skills, agility and a good sense of humour! It was a close result but everyone was a winner based on everyone’s full participation and excellent communication abilities.

The young people again demonstrated their developing interviewing skills and reflective feedback skills during the interview panel, an invaluable resource to the Fostering Foundation’s foster carer assessment process. Thank you to all our young people and applicants for making this a successful and enjoyable day.
All the carer applicants fed back on what was an amazing day and felt privileged to have met some of our young people.

Mr & Mrs G are currently completing their Form F assessment with their panel booked in July – they have also completed their Skills to Foster Training so are well on their way to becoming foster carers. We are always looking for new foster carers to care for a wide age range of children and young people or parent and child assessment placements. Contact us for an information pack or to arrange an informal home visit.

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