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Young People’s Panel Training Day

IMG_0707The South West team facilitated a Young People’s Panel Training day on the 12th August 2015. The interest from young people to be involved continues to be both an inspiration and a privilege. Our young people’s panel training day aims to work with the young people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in a number of ways such as giving and receiving feedback, understanding not only the recruitment process within fostering but also the employment processes in general, developing their communication skills, team working and participation within groups.

The South West Team is also continuing to work in partnership with Plymouth Children’s Services and Young Devon with the aim that not only will the young people benefit from developing a wide range of skills and competencies, but they also receive an official accreditation for successfully completing their IMG_0703training and attendance. Certainly for the older young people that attended, they will now be able to add this to their CV’s and Record of Achievements. Furthermore, they can request staff members to act as a referee in relation to their Panel experience, for work experience opportunities or future employment options.


As part of facilitating a young people’s panel and training days, our aim is to ensure young people not only have a voice – which we consistently see written into Children’s Law and endless pieces of child-centred political guidance – but also to ensure their voice is HEARD and COUNTS!!!



 “it was a great day, I learnt about interviewing and how people become foster carers which I didn’t really think of before”

“I really enjoyed the day, meeting new people and being able to talk about my views and thoughts of fostering and foster carers”


Overall the day was extremely successful, the staff at the Fostering Foundation who facilitated the day stated how proud they felt in respect of the young people’s engagement and participation and reflected on how inspiring the day was.  The day was an absolute success and there was a real sense of pride and achievement from all of the young people that attended.

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