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Young People’s Panel

Young People’s Panel

Have Your Say

The Fostering Foundation South West continues to promote that our young people’s views are represented as fully as possible. The ‘Young Peoples Panel’ is an exciting development which was successfully established by the Fostering Foundation in 2014 where the young people of the Fostering Foundation were offered the opportunity to become Young Peoples Panel members.

The Young Peoples’ Panel is one way of ensuring that young people have a voice that is heard within the fostering assessment process of new fostering candidates. The ‘Young Peoples’ Panel’ also provides a chance to say how fostering has affected them and what might help improve future foster care.

All the young people attend a one day accredited training programme prior to attending their first Young Peoples’ Panel. This offers the young people new learning opportunities which are a real asset in developing their communication and social skills and looks great on their developing CV’s.

Each panel day has up to 3 young people who are over the age of 8 years – taking into account their age development, emotional wellbeing, ability to manage in a group and any other risk factors. The young people involved are valued core group members where the young people and foster carer candidates feedback has been exceptionally positive to the process and their experiences of this.

During the panel process, the young people take part in activities and as a panel member, interviewing the foster carer candidates. The young people then have an open discussion with the Fostering Foundation staff members about their thoughts of the foster carers being assessed. The young persons’ views then informs part of the foster carers assessment that is presented to the adult panel and the decision maker.

If the young people in your care would like to register their interest in becoming a Young Peoples’ Panel Member then please speak to one Fostering Foundation staff who will discuss this with you and the young people in more detail.

Young people can also discuss or register their interests through Donna or Caroline on 01822 618068.

Young People will receive a token of appreciation for attending the training day, as well as the Panel day. This will be in the form of a high street voucher.



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